Rapid Fire Field Hockey Collegiate Mentor Program

Our collegiate placement and mentor program is designed to assist our current Rapid Fire athletes in the complexities of the collegiate recruiting process. We achieve this through a myriad of Rapid Fire offerings.

  1. We always strive to prepare our players for the collegiate game by offering them the elite training skills necessary to compete at the collegiate level.
  2. We ensure that our elite Rapid Fire players receive personal assistance in the recommendation and placement to the appropriate collegiate institutions. We achieve this by showcasing our players on competitive teams at collegiate recruiting events and national showcases.
  3. We stay educated and aware of the happenings of individual collegiate programs, conferences and coaching occurrences throughout the country.
  4. We assist in the preparation and maintenance of individual player profiles.
  5. We prepare our Elite players for college symposiums; such as the College Senior Night at Festival.
  6. As previous collegiate coaches ourselves, we use our contacts on behalf of our Rapid Fire players. This occurs prior to events, at tournaments and via emails and phone conversations throughout the year.
  7. We offer our alumni Rapid Fire players the opportunity to function as Collegiate Mentor Coaches. Serving as role models, these mentor coaches assist our elite High School players by sharing their knowledge and experience having themselves been through the Rapid Fire and collegiate recruiting process.
  8. With over ten years of experience as a DI Athletic Academic Supervisor and with the assistance of a highly educated staff (including one PhD in Engineering), we always stress the importance of academics and higher learning.

The placement of student-athletes in a desirable college or university requires work. Reaching out and promoting of one’s individual assets, both academically and athletically, is a necessity. Being a talented field hockey player is not enough to make the correct contacts needed to be admitted to the university of one’s choice. The recruiting process is highly competitive. There are certain steps that need to be followed at various times in a player’s career. Due to our collegiate coaching experience and personal friendships and contacts, we feel that we have the expertise to ensure that your daughter has the best possible chance of being placed in the appropriate institution. We share in our player’s successes and the collegiate placement of our student-athletes is one of our most rewarding accolades.

National Field Hockey Festival 2008 U-19 undefeated Disney Field Hockey Showcase 2009 U16 undefeated Disney Field Hockey Showcase 2009 U19 2nd in pool
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